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Are millennials more likely to use their phone behind the wheel?

Millennials find themselves blamed by many Baby Boomers for many things, including being attached to their phones at all times. They are also accused of being on their phone while driving, but a recent survey indicates they are not the only ones who are engaging in this risky behavior. Gen X and Baby Boomers are also guilty of using their phone while driving.

While New York residents may not be surprised to hear that 86% of Millennials admitted to using their phone behind the wheel, 49% of Baby Boomers also admitted to it. Gen X was second, with 72% admitting to using their phones while driving. However, Baby Boomers are less likely than their Millennial counterparts to ask someone else to check their phone for them while driving.

The survey found that when a Baby Boomer’s phone rings or a notification pops up, only 14% were likely to ask their passenger to handle it, compared to 26% of Millennials. Surveyors found it interesting that so many people admitted to doing something wrong, indicating that they recognized they were doing something wrong.

The study highlights that regardless of one’s age, a notification from the phone is very tempting for the driver. Even looking at a flashing phone can take 1.6 seconds, and that can be enough time to miss something on the road. Many companies encourage drivers to switch their phones on silent or even put them away to ensure they are not tempted.

Auto accident injuries have the potential to ruin a victim’s life, embroiling them in physical and emotional pain for years to come. Distracted driving accounts for thousands of deaths and injuries across the country annually and is a form of car accident that can be avoided entirely if drivers pay attention to the road. New York residents injured in a distracted driving accident might want to consult an experienced attorney to discuss their recovery options.