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Don’t face DUI charges without considering the options

Whether many New York residents realize it or not, they rely on their vehicles to perform even the most mundane activities on a daily basis. Whether one is driving to work, picking up children from school, getting groceries or socializing with friends, motor vehicles are generally the way to get from one place to another. This is why it can be devastating when they lose their license if they get convicted of driving under the influence.

Contrary to what many may think, DUIs carry with them serious repercussions. Depending on whether it is the accused’s first offense or third, penalties can range from license suspension to revocation. Punishment can also include jail time, especially if someone else was injured in a car accident because of the alleged crime.

Without one’s car, it becomes harder to do all the daily activities that one was doing easily. Using other forms of transportation can mean increased cost of traveling, and can also mean transportation delays. This can affect one’s ability to work and pick up kids from schools. A conviction also stays on one’s record, making it harder to maintain employment or pursue further education.

Lawyers at Phelan, Phelan and Danek LLP understand what is at stake when someone is facing a DUI conviction, which is why we fight aggressively to protect our client’s rights. We know that jail time or license revocation isn’t the answer to everything, which is why we try to negotiate alternative sentences that include rehabilitation for those who need it. For more on DUI defenses, visit our page dedicated to this subject.