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Dismissed State Trooper recruit needs DUI defense after arrest

New York State law enforcement is vigilant about seeking out drivers who might be driving under the influence. This is especially true during the holidays, but an investigation and arrest can happen at any time. For people who find themselves facing charges for DUI, it can have an impact on their freedom, their driving privileges and negatively impact them professionally as well. Even in cases in which the evidence seems clear, there could be strategies to lodge a strong DUI defense and reduce the charges or be acquitted. It is important to discuss the case with an experienced legal professional immediately after being arrested.

A New York State Police recruit was arrested for DUI and subsequently dismissed by the academy. The woman, 25, was driving at around 2:30 a.m. when on-duty troopers stated that she was speeding. When the vehicle was pulled over, the troopers believed she was under the influence. After taking part in field sobriety tests, she was arrested. When she took a breath test to determine her blood-alcohol concentration, she registered 0.14 percent. In New York, the legal limit for DUI is 0.08 percent. As a result, she can no longer continue in the class for State Police employment.

DUI charges can lead to jail time, fines and the loss of a driver’s license. What people who are facing these charges often forget is the ancillary aspects of an arrest and conviction. It can hinder a person who is seeking certain jobs, damage their ability to be admitted to schools and more. There can also be raised insurance rates and other problems. Even if there were field sobriety tests and a breath test indicating the person was under the influence, it does not mean there are no avenues of defense. There might have been a viable reason the person seemed to be under the influence. Or there could have been a breach in protocol during the investigation rendering the evidence inadmissible. Regardless, it is imperative to think about the future and combat the charges.

A State Police recruit lost her status in the academy after a DUI arrest. For this woman, who was seeking a career in law enforcement and has already had that goal damaged, it can be beneficial to do whatever possible to achieve a successful resolution to her DUI case. Just because there was a DUI charge does not automatically imply guilt. Before doing anything else, it may be wise to discuss the case with Albany, New York, DUI defense lawyers.