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Even though New York residents, like their counterparts across the country, are supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, this is not always the case. As soon as someone is arrested, he or she is presumed guilty by most people. If the arrest is made in a public place or splashed across newspapers or social media, it can have the potential to damage someone’s personal and professional relationships. If criminal charges follow, then the potential fallout can wreak even more havoc on someone’s life.

As one’s life is turned upside down after an arrest, it is easy to forget that the accused has certain rights that are guaranteed to them by the American constitution. People can end up saying something or doing something that might affect their case down the line, even if they do not realize it. On the other hand, they can also end up giving law enforcement officials permission to search or collect items that they do not have to.

Not many are interested in hearing the accused’s version of events, but the lawyers at Phelan, Phelan & Danek are invested in it. We work with our clients and try to give them personalized, cost-effective solutions from the beginning of their criminal justice system exposure to the end.

Our team is diverse, giving us the ability to come up with innovative solutions and strategies to fight charges on behalf of our clients. Having tried hundreds of cases in front of judges and juries across the state, we are prepared to go to bat for our clients. For more on how we prepare our criminal defense, visit our page. Becoming well informed of you options is the first step towards initiating a criminal defense that could ultimately reduce or dismiss the charges altogether.