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Ex-pitcher arrested on drug possession charges

The last time New Yorkers saw the Mets win the World Series Championships was in 1986, and many may remember Dwight Gooden as the hero pitcher who got them there. Unfortunately, his drug troubles drove him out of the career that got him into the Hall of Fame and made him a household name many years ago.

According to the ex-pitcher, he missed the 1986 World Series parade because he was doing drugs at the time. He tested positive for cocaine before the 1987 season and also the 1994 one. He was suspended for the whole season in 1995 for failing a drug test. He violated his probation in 2006 and also arrived to meet his probation officer high, for which he served time in prison.

Most recently, he was pulled over by police officials over a traffic violation and was found with baggies containing suspected illegal substances. He was arrested for cocaine suspension and possession of drug paraphernalia. According to authorities, he was also under the influence when he was arrested.

Whether one is a famous sports personality or an average citizen, those facing them should take drug charges seriously. While many may believe that an arrest cannot be challenged, this is not the case. Drug charges defenses do exist, and an experienced attorney can create an aggressive defense based on them. Arrests, charges and convictions have the potential to ruin someone’s life and reputation, which is why contesting them should be a top priority for New York residents. It might be beneficial to consult an experienced attorney to determine the best legal course for doing so.