Fighting A DWI Charge Early Is Imperative. Let Us Help.

Being arrested for a DWI can result in serious consequences. In New York, a first-offense DWI could result in losing your license for six months to one year. You also may be required to pay fees, install an ignition interlock device or complete an "Impaired Driver Program."

Additional DWI offenses carry much steeper penalties.

Experienced Representation

At Phelan, Phelan & Danek LLP, our attorneys have experience handling many different criminal defense matters in Albany and throughout New York, including those involving impaired and drunk driving charges.

We know the law. We know your rights and proper police protocol. We can help evaluate your stop and arrest, and we can determine if there are grounds for dismissal.

We Are Here To Listen

From the moment you contact one of our attorneys, our lawyers are here to listen. We provide the experience of a large law firm with the care and attention to detail of a small law firm.

Together, we will investigate these claims and come up with a plan. We will listen to all your concerns and answer every question you have.

Whether this is your first , second or third criminal offense, we are not here to judge; we are here to listen and find the best solution to mitigate the consequences you face.

Let's Find A Solution Together

If you are facing a DWI, it is important to get legal advice immediately. If you wait, you could lose your driving privileges and more.

Put your trust in a legal defense with years of experience handling these cases.

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